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Understanding Sales in a Modern Business

In our second guest interview we chat with Glenn Hoy (My Virtual Sales Director & TIME Associates). Glenn’s expertise is in the field of sales, which is an area of business that is often misunderstood and not done well. In this video, he takes us through some of the misconceptions as well as how he thinks sales should be done in a modern business. For Glenn, the key lies in relationships.

Understanding sales is part of a cohesive approach to business that takes into account the unique features of each department and function within the business. For us to understand how the whole might function, we need at least an appreciation of the basics of what each part can (and should) do.

Similarly to data analysis, sales is not purely linear. We don’t reach the end when we make a sale. In many ways it can be the beginning that forges a working relationship. This word “relationship” is what Glenn sees as being foundational to a modern approach to sales. This relationship is informed by the data that we collect on our customers with each interaction. So, it goes hand in hand with data collection and analysis.

If you would like to find out more about how understanding the parts of our business can help direct the whole then please take a look at the book “Doing Business Like a Grandmaster”.

Please do share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. You can also connect with Glenn on LinkedIn.

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