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The Book - "Doing Business Like a Grandmaster"

Analogies can be powerful tools to help us re-examine familiar topics and find new angles. In “Doing Business Like a Grandmaster” Joe Lenton explores business through the analogy of chess. From analysis to teamwork, strategy to cultural shifts, this book helps us think through our methodologies to find fresh ways of doing business in our contemporary context.

You don’t need a prior understanding of chess; it is completely accessible to non-players. “Doing Business Like a Grandmaster” doesn’t give a one size fits all list of easy answers. Instead, it offers a set of tools that can be applied flexibly according to your circumstances. 

Approaches to chess and business have changed and continue to change with the prevailing culture. We can’t just assume that methods that have historically been successful will continue to be the best way forwards. In a world of evolving methodologies, this book challenges us to examine our thinking and to respond creatively to our context.

The author, Joe Lenton BA(Hons) MA(Merit), has run several businesses serving local, national and international customers. He has a strong understanding of cultures and languages, including fluency in German and French. Joe has spent years studying hermeneutics, developing a deep awareness of worldviews, cultures and communication. He currently works as an international-award-winning photographer and as a CGI artist.

“Doing Business Like a Grandmaster” is out now – Purchase a paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon

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