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Business Grandmaster is a resource for those in business that draws inspiration from the world of chess. It is a place for sharing ideas and tools and the home of “Doing Business Like a Grandmaster”.

This new book explores the similarities between the worlds of chess and business. Author Joe Lenton shows how chess can be a useful analogy for understanding how to do business. There is much more to it than simply thinking a few moves ahead. Assessment, strategy and planning, calculations and more all flesh out the picture of what is involved in selecting a winning move. 

“Doing Business Like a Grandmaster” is available as a paperback and is also out now on Kindle

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What is Marketing Strategy?

In our third expert guest interview we speak with Andrea Hardiman of All About the Message. This video examines the question “what is marketing strategy?” Andrea draws on 20 years of experience in marketing, working with a variety of businesses including Aviva and Heinz. She shares some of the tools she uses and her approach

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Understanding Sales in a Modern Business - video preview pic

Understanding Sales in a Modern Business

In our second guest interview we chat with Glenn Hoy (My Virtual Sales Director & TIME Associates). Glenn’s expertise is in the field of sales, which is an area of business that is often misunderstood and not done well. In this video, he takes us through some of the misconceptions as well as how he

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